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Best Online Qurbani Services in Lahore

With the advent of technology and the growing popularity of online platforms, the process of performing religious rituals has become more convenient and accessible than ever before. Qurbani, a significant Islamic tradition, has also embraced the digital era, allowing individuals in Lahore to participate in this sacred act with ease. In this article, we will explore the best online Qurbani services in Lahore, highlighting their features, reliability, and the benefits they offer to the community.

Best Online Qurbani Services in Lahore

There are hundreds of local butchers that are offering online Qurbani services in Lahore but we will recommend you to book from reliable online stores. On the below side, we are going to share some of the best Qurbani service providers in Lahore.

Zenith Meat Shop:

Zenith meat shop is a well-established online platform that has gained immense popularity in Lahore for its reliable and convenient Qurbani services. They offer a wide range of options for selecting your sacrificial animal, including goats, cows, and even shares in larger animals. Their website provides detailed information about each animal, allowing you to choose according to your preferences. Zenith ensures that the animals are healthy, well-nourished, and meet the Islamic guidelines for Qurbani. They offer home delivery of fresh meat, neatly packed and ready for consumption.

Best Online Qurbani Services in Lahore

Meat One:

Meat One, a renowned name in the meat industry, has expanded its services to include online Qurbani in Lahore. Known for their quality meat products, Meat One provides a hassle-free experience for individuals who prefer to perform Qurbani from the comfort of their homes. With their user-friendly website, customers can select the type and size of animal they wish to sacrifice. Meat One guarantees healthy animals, compliant with Islamic regulations, and ensures that the Qurbani process is conducted with utmost care. They also provide doorstep delivery of fresh meat, professionally processed and hygienically packed.

Metro Online:

Metro online is a famous shopping store not only in Lahore but in all across Pakistan. They are famous for their loyal services since their incorporation in Pakistan. From last many years, they are offering online Qurbani service in different cities of Pakistan including Lahore. So, if you are from Lahore and want to book online qurbani then, you have to consider Metro Online Pakistan. So, weather you are planning for a goat qurbani or cow qurbani, you can check rates and other details of Metro online from here.


Carrefour is another famous shopping store in Pakistan. They are also offering online qurbani service in Lahore. You can book cow or goat qurbani online at Carrefour store and choose either to get your meat deliver to your doorstep or to pick from nearest store. They are offering 100% healthy animals for sacrifice and will take care of hygiene while preparing your meat. They have different options and you can choose accordingly.

Edhi Foundation:

The Edhi Foundation, well-known for its philanthropic endeavors, has introduced online Qurbani services to facilitate the residents of Lahore. By placing an order through their website, individuals can contribute to the noble cause of Qurbani and reach out to those in need. The Edhi Foundation ensures that the Qurbani is performed in accordance with Islamic principles and distributes the meat to underprivileged communities. Choosing the Edhi Foundation for your online Qurbani enables you to participate in a charitable act and make a positive impact on society.

Al-Shifa Trust:

Al-Shifa Trust, a reputable organization providing healthcare services, also offers online Qurbani facilities in Lahore. They have a dedicated team that supervises the entire process, ensuring that the Qurbani is carried out following Islamic guidelines. Al-Shifa Trust emphasizes the health and well-being of the sacrificial animals, making sure they are properly cared for before and during the Qurbani. By opting for Al-Shifa Trust’s online Qurbani service, you not only fulfill your religious obligation but also contribute to their healthcare initiatives.


As technology continues to reshape our lives, online Qurbani services have emerged as a convenient and reliable option for individuals in Lahore. Platforms such as Zenith, Meat One, the Edhi Foundation, and Al-Shifa Trust have made it easier for people to participate in this sacred ritual while ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance with Islamic guidelines. These services not only save time and effort but also allow individuals to contribute to charitable causes and make a positive impact on society. Embrace the convenience of online Qurbani and experience the blessings of Eid-ul-Adha from the comfort of your home.

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