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Best Sehri Deals in Faisalabad

When it comes to the Best Sehri Deals in Faisalabad there are a large number of restaurants that are offering Sehri deals. Some of these restaurants are offering Sehri buffets while others are offering special discounted deals. On the below side, we are not only sharing their discounted deals but also sharing some of the best restaurants offering Sehri buffets in Faisalabad too. So, don’t waste your time and check the below side in order to get complete details about the best Sehri deals in Laylpur.

Best Sehri Deals in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan and there are a large number of local and international restaurants are located. All of these restaurants are offering special deals and discounts during the month of Ramadan so that the maximum number of people can avail of discounts. Some people love to avail discounts in Iftar while others love to eat discounted Sehri. So, we have decided to share the list of deals and discounts for Sehri that you can check below side.

Best Sehri Deal in Faisalabad:

People who are interested to check Best Deal in Faisalabad can check the below list of restaurants offering Sehri deals. We are sharing this list so that people can eat discounted food in Sehri. So, we will start with the famous International restaurants and will also share some of the local restaurants too. So, let’s have a look at the below-given list.

KFC Faisalabad Sehri Deals:

KFC Faisalabad not offers specific deals for Sehri and Iftar and offers special Ramadan deals. They have recently introduced KFC Faisalabad Ramadan deals that are available in both Sehri and Iftar. So, check the details of this KFC deal and order from KFC or visit any of its branches for Dine-in.

Contact Number: 041 111 532 532

Best Sehri Deals in Faisalabad

McDonald’s Faisalabad Sehri Deals:

Like KFC, McDonald’s Faisalabad also offers Ramadan special deals. They offer two different types of deals including McDonald’s Ramadan deals that will remain available throughout Ramadan. And some of the day special deals for specific days of Ramadan. On the below side, we are mentioning both so, order any of these deals in Sehri.

Service options: Dine-in · Drive-through · No-contact delivery

Address: Gates Square, Satayana Rd, D Ground Block B People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Punjab

Phone: 0300 8663122

McDonald's Faisalabad Ramadan Deal

Domino’s Faisalabad Sehri Deals:

The third best international restaurant that is offering Sehri deals is Domino’s Faisalabad. This place is offering buy one get one free pizza during the whole month of Ramadan. So, if you are looking for pizza to eat in Sehri then, you have to visit any of Domino’s branches in Faisalabad. This is a limited-time deal and will not be available after a few times.

Contact Number: 021 111 366 466

Domino's Pizza Okara

Best Sehri Buffet in Faisalabad:

On the above side, we have shared the list of places that are offering Ramadan special deals, especially Sehri deals. Now, we are sharing the Best Sehri buffet in Faisalabad so that people who love to eat more can check the list of places offering Sehri buffets. So, let’s check which is the perfect place for the Sehri buffet in Faisalabad.

Marhaba Mahal Sehri Buffet:

From the 2nd of Ramadan till the last day of Ramadan, this place has introduced Sehar special buffet. Now you can enjoy desi and English breakfast in Sehri in Just Rs 1249 plus Tax from this restaurant. So, it’s Sehar special buffet menu, you can check the below side. Also, you can check their reservation numbers for table reservations.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Address: 204 RB East, W Canal Rd, next to Babu Petroleum, Jahan E Andalus, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000

Phone: (041) 8523102

Marhaba Mahal Sehri Buffet

The Melting Swan Sehri Buffet:

For a delectable Sehri buffet, you can visit The Melting Swan restaurant in Faisalabad. They have well-trained chefs who make an exquisite selection of Desi and English dishes. So, if we talk about their buffet price then, they are charging 1495 plus tax for unlimited food. So, bring your families and friends to this place and enjoy scrumptious food at the best prices.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 1st Floor, The Boulevard Mall, Canal Expy, Saeed Colony, Faisalabad, Punjab

Phone: (041) 6078816

The Melting Swan Sehri Buffet

Baba Tikka Sehri Buffet:

Stop calling yourself a true faisalabadi if you haven’t visited Baba Tikka Shop. This famous BBQ restaurant is offering Sehri special buffet during the whole month of Ramadan. You can eat unlimited BBQ in their Sehri buffet for just Rs 1345 plus tax. So, reserve your table and enjoy the best food in Sehri from this place.

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery

Address: Kohinoor City Faisalabad, Punjab 38000

Phone: (041) 8532999

Baba Tikka Sehri Buffet

Assala Restaurant Sehri Buffet:

Another perfect place for Sehri located at Kohinoor city is Assala restaurant. This place is offering almost six different types of food in Sehri including Pakistani, Arabic, BBQ, Chinese, Thai, and Continental. So, reserve your table at this place and enjoy unlimited food in just Rs 1195 plus tax.

Service options: Dine-in · Drive-through · No delivery

Address: 12-A Jaranwala Rd, Kohinoor City Faisalabad, Punjab 38000

Phone: 0326 5406264

Assala Restaurant Sehri Buffet

The China Kitchen Sehri Buffet:

On East Canal Road, if you are finding a perfect place for Sehri then, you can choose the China Kitchen. This place is offering numerous local and Chinese dishes in their Sehri special buffet. So, enjoy this unlimited buffet in just Rs 1395 plus tax. On the below side, we are also sharing its contact number for table reservations and complete address.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Located in: The Boulevard Mall

Address: C4JF+F5R, Boulevard Shopping Mall, Saeed Colony Faisalabad, Punjab

Phone: (041) 6074199

China Kitchen Sehri Buffet

We are sharing the list of places offering the best Sehri deals in Faisalabad. Apart from this, you can also check the list of restaurants offering Sehri buffets in Faisalabad. If you have any questions regarding these places then, you can ask through comments. We will surely answer every question as soon as possible. So, stay connected to Oye Pakistani officials and get the latest details.

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