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Best Sehri Deals in Karachi

You can check the list of Best Sehri deals in Karachi from here and can decide about visiting any of these places. As the month of Ramadan has arrived and every restaurant is offering Sehri in Karachi but only a few of them are offering discounted deals. Some of these restaurants are also offering Sehri buffets to foodies of Karachi. On the below side, we have prepared two different lists including the best deals for Sehri and the best Sehri buffet in Karachi. So, check the below side of this article and get complete details.

Best Sehri Deals in Karachi

In Karachi, finding a perfect place for Sehri is not a difficult task. Every restaurant remains open for Sehri in this city but only a few of them are offering discounted deals. So, if you are interested in discounted Sehri deals in Karachi then, you have to check the below-given list.

Best Sehri Deal in Karachi:

Check the list of restaurants and compare their Sehri deals in order to find the best Sehri deal in Karachi. Although, Karachi is not a small city and you have to find a perfect place in your nearby areas but still there are some foodies who love to visit famous places no matter how far they are. So, we will share some general restaurants like KFC, and McDonald’s, so, you can find easily and some of the specific restaurants.

No Restaurant Deal Deal Price
1 KFC 4 X Zingers, 1.5L Pepsi, 2 Flavored Milk, 1 Classic Lays, 2 Soft cake Rs 1650
2 McDonald’s 1 Chicken Mac, 1 Spicy mcCrispy, 1 mcChicken, 3 Medium Drinks RS 1695
3 Domino’s Buy 1 Get One Pizza Rs 1699
4 Broadway Pizza Large Pizza Rs 1099
5 Pizza Max All-you-can-eat (Unlimited Pizza) Rs 995
6 Burger O Clock Up to 25% Discounts Rs
7 Mr Burger 3 X Mr.Zee with 1.5 LTR Pepsi Rs 1399

KFC Karachi Sehri Deal:

Best Sehri Deals in Faisalabad

People who want to eat at KFC in Sehri can visit any of the nearest KFC branches. They are offering four yummiest zinger burgers along with 1.5 LTR Pepsi, 2 flavored milk, 2 soft cake, and a classic lays packet. The price of this deal is Rs 1650. So, avail this limited-time offer before it expires.

McDonald’s Karachi Sehri Deal:

McDonald's Faisalabad Ramadan Deal

McDonald’s Pakistan is offering a deal for three in just Rs 1695. In their Ramadan feast deal, you will get 1 Chicken Mac, 1 Spicy McCrispy, 1 McChicken, and 3 medium drinks. This deal will remain available from Iftar till Sehri so, order this deal any time.

Domino’s Karachi Sehri Deal:

Domino's Pizza Okara

On one large Domino’s Pizza, you will get another Large pizza for free. So, if you love to eat Pizza in Sehri or Iftar then, this is a perfect deal for you. Don’t hesitate to avail this buy-one-get-one-free pizza deal from Domino’s this Ramadan. They are offering this deal in just Rs 1699.

Broadway Pizza Sehri Deal:

Best Sehri Deals in Rawalpindi

Broadway Pizza is not offering any special deals in Sehri or Iftar but offers special discounts. Now you can eat Broadway’s pizza at a discounted price from any of its branches. So, if you want to eat pizza from Broadway pizza in Sehri then order any of their pizza.

Pizza Max Sehri Deal:

Pizza Max Sehri Deals

Pizza Max is offering a Sehri buffet for its customers and offering unlimited pizza. So, if you love to eat pizza in Sehri and don’t want to eat one or two slices of pizza then, visit this place to enjoy unlimited pizza. Their unlimited pizza deal is not only for Sehri but they are also offering in iftar too.

Burger O Clock Sehri Deal:

Burger o Clock Ramadan Deals

Burger o Clock is also offering up to 25% discounts during the whole month of Ramadan. So, if you love to eat burgers in Sehri or Iftar then, you can visit Burger o clock to try their Ramadan special deals. So, check their menu for discounts.

Best Sehri Buffet in Karachi:

People who love to visit buffet places for Sehri and iftar can check the list of restaurants offering sehri buffet. We have prepared a list of restaurants offering best Sehri buffet in Karachi. So, check the below list and decide where to visit for the Sehri buffet.

No Restaurant Price Reservation Number Address
1 Clock Tower Call for Price 0300 1112872 DHA Phase 7
2 Cocochan RS 1,490+tax (021) 111778899 Boat Basin Clifton Karachi
3 Lal Qila RS 1,490 + Tax (021) 111 525 745 Shahrah e Faisal Karachi
4 Marco Polo PC RS 2,790 + Tax (021) 111505505 Club Road Karachi
5 Royal Taj Rs 945 + tax 0344 6445444 Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road
6 Del Frio Rs 1000 + Tax (021) 35820005 Boat Basin, Clifton
7 Big Tree House Rs 1,695+ tax 0300 8870999 DHA Phase 5 Karachi
8 Chaupal Desi Exotic Buffet Rs 1,770 + Tax 0300 3716888 B12 KDA Scheme 1

Clock Tower Sehri Buffet:

Clock Tower Sehri buffet

Those who love to visit the Clock tower on normal days can visit this place for the buffet in Ramadan. This place is organizing Sehri and Iftar buffets so that the maximum number of people can enjoy their food. We are also sharing its complete buffet menu that you can check from here.

Cocochan Sehri Buffet:

Cocochan Sehri Buffet

Cocochan restaurant Karachi is offering Sehri a special deal in just Rs 1490 plus tax. They have three branches in Karachi and you can visit any of these branches for Sehri special buffet. You can also reserve your table at this place by dialing their contact number.

Lal Qila Sehri Buffet:

Lal Qila Karachi Sehri Buffet

Lal Qila is one of the best places for desi food lovers. This place is offering Iftar and Sehri buffet during the whole month of Ramadan. You can book your table at this place and can enjoy yummiest Sehri buffet in just Rs 1490 plus tax. They are charging 50% for kids below 7 years.

MarcoPolo Pc Sehri Buffet:

Marco Polo Sehri Buffet

Marco Polo PC Hotel Karachi is also conducting Sehri buffet for foodies of Karachi. They are charging Rs 2790 plus tax for the yummiest Sehri buffet. So, reserve your table at this place because they have limited seats.

Royal Taj Sehri Buffet:

Royal Taj Sehri Buffet

Another best place for Sehri in Karachi is Royal Taj restaurant. This place is not only offering Sehri buffet but also offering Sehri deals too. So, if you love to eat yummiest food in Sehri then, you can check royal taj Sehri buffet menu from here.

Del Frio Sehri Buffet:

Del Frio Sehri Buffet

Like other restaurants, you can also visit Del Frio restaurant Karachi because they are offering Sehri special buffet. They are charging very reasonable price which is Rs 1000. So, isn’t it a good offer to avail during the blessing month of Ramadan? We have also shared its contact number for reservations.

Big Tree House Sehri Buffet:

Big Tree House Sehri Buffet

The Big Tree house Karachi is also offering a Sehri buffet to its customers too. They are offering Sehri buffet in 1695 plus tax. So, enjoy the yummiest meal from this place by booking your table at this place.

Chaupal Desi Exotic Buffet:

Chaupal Sehri Buffet

Chaupal restaurant offers a desi buffet on regular basis and when the month of Ramadan arrives, this place also offers Sehri and Iftar buffet to its customers too. So, if you want to enjoy Chaupal’s Sehri buffer then, you can simply visit them and can enjoy their buffet in Rs 1770 plus tax.

We are sharing Best Sehri Deals in Karachi as well as the best Sehri buffet in Karachi through this website. You can reserve your table at any of these places and can enjoy yummiest food in Sehri. For more deals and discounts you can follow Oye Pakistani official.

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